I’m from New York, the Island to be exact. Which has left me with three things. A distinctive accent (it’s almost imperceptible, I swear). An obsession with baseball. And a competitive spirit that has propelled me through over 12 years of this crazy, but always interesting career. I’ve been called many things. Determined. Inquisitive. Loyal. And extremely passionate. So passionate in fact, I named my only daughter after a NY Yankee. Want to know which one? Give me a call: 516-581-4594. 
Some places I've worked:
Saatchi & Saatchi, Deutsch, mcgarrbowen, Ogilvy, McCann, Y&R
What I've worked on:
Verizon, Droid, Time Warner Cable, Pampers, Kotex, Citizen's Bank, Chase, JCPenney, UNCF, AdCouncil
How to get in touch with me:
ZornJody@gmail.com or 516.581.4594

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